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Practice Management

Complete in-house system


  • Billing and Electronic Claims
  • Automatic ERA Payment Posting
  • Patient Co-Pay Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Account Tracking
  • Reports
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • New CMS-1500 Ready
  • Integrated Electronic Health Records

How Medicare and Anthem Defraud Doctors

Find out how our health care administration system is being undermined by Anthem Insurance, and its National Government Services (NGS) subsidiary. Anthem is the poster child on how to buy off politicians and government workers to extort money from small health practices like yours.

Web Claims, RIP.

No Billing Software? Big Problem!


That cute screen to the right was used for years by many small practices in New England to submit Medicare and BCBS claims electronically. Over the years, we saved Medicare from getting tens of thousands of paper claims from small practices that did not have billing software in-house. Now, Anthem's NGS subsidiary has forced us to close that service because we can no longer guarantee a good, reliable connection to Medicare. Rather than risk promising a service we could not guarantee, we closed the doors. It was the right thing to do. Now some of those providers have mentioned to me that they may have to go back to sending paper. This just shows how big business (Anthem) and big government (CMS) only care about putting money in their own pockets, and are too selfish to concern themselves with serving the public interest.

Please note that we are still a vendor providing electronic connections to our DocPro users, as we have been doing for over twelve years now. We have only closed the independent medical claims clearinghouse which provided electronic claim submission for practices using other office billing systems (non-DocPro), or our WebClaims system.

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